Who's Lola

“It all started with the desire to make a perfect jean for an imperfect body. In 2004, I set up shop in a small apartment on top of my dad’s jeans store in Montreal. It was my vision that this flat would become a destination for lovers of great denim. In 2006, my brother Sam and I joined forces and Lola Jeans was born.” David


Growing up in the family business, I was raised on denim. Not one day would go by without talking jeans at the dinner table. Seeing how I hated school, my dad took matters into his own hands before things got out of control. One day during a math class, my dad knocked at the door and asked the teacher to see me. Surprised by the random visit, he asked me to lead him to my locker, which I did. He emptied my stuff into a bag and said: This will be your last day in school, as of tomorrow, you’re working with me full time. I was barely 16. Reluctant at first, I worked closely by my dad’s side at the family’s denim store, and before long, I fell in love with the fashion industry. I decided to pursue my studies in fashion marketing at LaSalle College. At last, I found passion.


Fresh out of school and with barely any manufacturing know-how, my brother and I started designing and producing women’s jeans. We didn’t know exactly what the fits would be, but we had a good idea of what we hoped to create, a perfect jean for an imperfect body – thus Lola Jeans was born. There simply wasn’t a jean that was perfectly fitting and equally flattering. Even having developed a keen eye for a great fitting jean, the task ahead would be easier said than done. Ultimately, the first fit would have to be a real jean for real people. Not for trends. Not to suit an image or lifestyle. Certainly, not to replicate existing formulas within the industry.

In the early days, everything we made was designed and manufactured in our small shop in Montreal. To put it simply, we couldn’t afford to do it any other way. In our small apartment, we would size, fit, and alter each pair per our customers’ needs. So, when the demand grew, we expanded our offering. And when we could no longer find skilled sewers, great fabrics and factories to wash our denims, we hopped on a plane to China.


“Most jean styles are born out of a fashion trend or modern innovation. Our signature Anna Pull On Jean was born as a reaction to what wasn’t being offered. The design behind this fit - and every women’s fit since - was intended to encourage the acceptance and celebration of a woman’s body. This fit became the basis of who we are today, setting the standards by which our customers have come to expect from us.”


It has been and still is a beautiful romance, and a learning process as well. Every jean is the result of the passionate people who walk together with us every day through this journey. Lola Jeans will forever be shaped by its creative and devoted team working tirelessly to deliver the finest product and outstanding shopping experience.




Jack of all trades, master of none. People say I’m OCD, I say I’m meticulous. My brother always tells me that I have a short fuse, I say I like things done my way. I love mingling, but it just pisses my wife off that I talk to total strangers. Endlessly searching for adventure or I shall say, livin’ on the edge. I enjoy a great BBQ with a glass of Cab. Kill me, but I just don’t understand vegans, they’re missing out on sooooooooooo much. I hate ketchup and despise mayo. I am very annoyed when people order a Frappuccino with soy milk, low fat whipped cream, caramel and chocolate topping, THIS IS NOT COFFEE! I never understood why someone would walk their dog in a stroller, doesn’t the dog have legs? I have no clue who Beyonce is nor do I care! Facebook looks cool, but I’m not there yet. I work endless hours but I always find time to volunteer at my neighborhood’s food bank or to care for the needy. It energizes me and it’s just the right thing to do.



Quiet and weird at times, although people say I’m awesome once they get to know me. I cannot hurt a fly. I am compassionate and generous. A marathoner with a beer belly, I know it’s weird?!? Stressing big time over the recent loss of my hair. Can chug 10 beers in no time and then tell you let’s go for a beer! I HATE eating leftovers and can’t stand the odor of a salami sandwich. I had braces for 6 years, but I still have a gap in my front teeth. I enjoy spending my weekends doing just nothing. Can’t miss a day without a Mars bar. I hate wasting time, I am hands on and very efficient. I bark but I don't bite. I think I’m clear spoken but people never understand when I talk?!? I go bananas waiting for my brother all the time, he has to socialize with everyone he meets. I never understood why I need to say hi to all my neighbors, I don’t even know them….




Everyone calls me Anthony, but my real Armenian name is Antranik. I am the official shipper at Lola Jeans. At home, I am the proud father of two little boys and husband to my lovely wife. Love sports, but my favorite is definitely soccer especially the Barcelona team. I spend most of my time with my boys. We love to bike, hike and read together. I enjoy a good meal from my wife and love having friends over for a dinner party. My pet peeve is people who leave their shoes on in my house, can’t stand it! People who know me well would say I am hardworking, a great father and sometimes stubborn, lol that’s me!  



I have 3 older sisters. No matter how old I get I’ll always be the baby. I can’t travel for more than a week without getting homesick. I love animals especially the odd looking ones that nobody pays attention to. I love being up north, there’s nothing like fresh air and no cell phone reception! The perfect day for me would be on my computer with a very big cup of coffee!



Karaoke addict. I'm the middle child in my family, so I learned how to be patient and diplomatic. I love to travel, and make a point to learn a few phrases in the local language wherever I go. It opens doors. Huge fan of The Wire; I would be so down for a sixth season. I always roll up my sleeves, and I don't do polo shirts. Hummus. Every. Day.  



Graphic designer by day, bat girl by night; no not really, well, one's true. Kinda quirky, definitely creative, and prone to saying Yay!!! A LOT. Coming from an Italian upbringing pasta runs through my veins; and yes the stereotypes are true, it's our life source. Besides that, I'm for sure food oriented, and as I don't drink any tea or coffee, sweets during the day make me smile and keep me energized. Last but not least, I can be shy at times but I warm up to those that are patient, and that surprise me with candy hint hint. Definitely a grown up but can still be a kid at heart sometimes, Lewis Caroll taught me the importance of that.