Corporate Responsibility

We Love Our People
“It’s a good thing that people are asking questions about social compliance and/or corporate responsibility; concerns on manufacturing practices are legitimate.”

David Abissidan, owner

We’re committed to fair treatment, proper pay and a healthy and safe work environment for our entire team. This includes everyone from the employees in our distribution centers and support offices to our partners throughout the supply chain, from our cleaning staff to the person who sews the button onto your jeans.

We work with our suppliers and partners to ensure they comply with all local and international laws governing human trafficking and slavery, with no exceptions. Our manufacturing partners overseas operate under strict regulations from our part and meet, or exceed, all regulatory requirements. Our factories are audited annually by a third-party and have all scored high marks. Our staff works with third-party monitoring firms on factory remediation and continuous improvement plans.

Our focus on progress is ongoing. We will continue to work closely with our partners on developing sustainable standards and improving working conditions. It’s important to us that we always feel good about where our products come from.

We hold ourselves and our partners to the standards outlined in our Vendor Code of Conduct.

At LJ, our objective is to conduct our business to the highest level of ethical standards and social responsibility. Where applicable, we have used the International Labour Organization standards as a guideline to develop our standards. Where the ILO is not involved, we have referenced industry regulations and applied local laws as well as LJ's values, judgement and principles. It is our intent to develop partnerships with Vendors who are committed to meeting the high standards outlined below.

Child Labor
Vendors must not use child labor, defined as children under the age of 15 (or younger than the legal compulsory age for completing education). No hazardous work is to be completed by anyone under the age of 18. We are conscious of the impact of child labor regulation on the countries of our manufacturers and have developed our standard with the intent of maintaining, if not improving, an adequate living of standard for individuals employed by our Vendors.

Human Trafficking & Slavery
All labor must be voluntary. LJ Vendors cannot use forced, illegal, or prison labor, nor can they engage in human trafficking or slavery.

Freedom of Association
Vendors will respect the legal rights of employees to freely, and without harassment or undue penalty, participate in worker organizations of their choice.

Vendors will not practice any form of discrimination in hiring and employment, inclusive of discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, sexual preference, gender or religion. As a company focused on women's fashion, we are especially conscious of the rights of women within those countries where we manufacture.

Disciplinary Practices
Vendors will treat employees with respect and, therefore, cannot use any form of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse or harassment.

Wages & Benefits:

Vendors will comply with the local requirements for wages and benefits or according to prevailing industry standard. If the two are conflicting the higher standard will be applied. We will not work with Vendors who violate local law.

Working Hours:

LJ Vendors will ensure that the total hours worked do not exceed 60 hours per week inclusive of overtime, unless exceptional circumstances occur. Vendors must inform LJ if additional hours are required so that we may try to work together to reduce the frequency of excessive overtime. Overtime must be voluntary and employees must be compensated according to local law or industry standard (whichever is higher). Vendors must give employees a 7th day of rest, i.e., work a maximum of 6 consecutive days.

Health & Safety:
Vendors will ensure that employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment. At a minimum, Vendors will comply with local health and safety regulations. Women who are pregnant will not be required to do work that is prejudicial to the health of the mother or child.

Vendors are not permitted to sub-contract any part of the work, defined as all goods and services, without the express written consent of LJ. Any Vendors proposed as sub-contractors must also meet the standards outlined in this Vendor Code of Conduct.

The Environment:
At a minimum, all LJ Vendors must conduct operations in a manner consistent with international environmental laws and regulations. Vendors are encouraged to implement systems to minimize the negative impact of their operations on the environment. At LJ we recognize that the clothing industry has a distance to go in developing the systems required to sustain our planet—we are committed to partnering with our Vendors to explore the ways to make things better.

Vendors will comply with all industry regulations and all applicable laws. Where there are two conflicting laws, the most stringent will apply.

Vendors will comply with all applicable customs laws and take the necessary steps to prevent illegal trans-shipment of product. Vendors will implement and maintain all areas of this Code of Conduct. LJ reserves the right to monitor and audit each factory in order to assure compliance, either through the use of external auditors or through our SER Manager. If a Vendor does not meet the standards required, LJ will request changes prior to conducting business. LJ will collaborate with the Vendor to identify the issues, specify requirements for adjustment and define a timeframe within which the changes must be made. If the Vendor does not make the required changes within the mutually agreed upon timeframe, LJ reserves the right to adjust the business relationship, with the most extreme case being to sever the relationship.