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Discover L.A. With Lola Jeans & a Sneak Peak Into SS20

Discover L.A. With Lola Jeans & a Sneak Peak Into SS20

Hey Lola babes,

I’ve taught you the ins and outs to taking better care of your jeans and have even given you some much needed summer outfit inspo. But now, it’s time to discover a little bit more about the brand and the amazing people behind it (I’m not biased I swear).

Some of the Lola team, David and Ericka, recently took a trip to L.A. to plan out their next Spring/Summer collection. A full 4 days of design and inspiration just before the team jetted off to China to begin the design and manufacturing process (That’ll be another story for another day though).

Day 1:

So how does the inspiration for design come into play? A whole lot of looking. David and Ericka hit the ground running as they spent their first entire day shopping the stores, from high end to vintage ones in the West Hollywood district.

Clothing is a part of culture, and culture is art. But the array of fabrics, patterns, and colors aren’t the only things to keep a lookout for. Ericka gushes about how the Cali landscapes are a must photograph.

We go back to what seems to be a unique sentiment on the L.A. scene: Vintage shops. When you really think about it, fashion is a never-ending cycle of trends that for the most part always make their comeback.

Day 2:

We’ve got some inspired denim ootd’s from David and Ericka for you

But back to business, if you’re looking to get those creative juices flowing, the Dolce and Gabbana shop is a must see for print inspiration! Is this just the moodboard of your dreams? This is one of the many shops in Beverly Hills, Brentwood Village.

And of course going back to the idea that culture being apart of fashion, can also be considered art. The Lola team popped in to many galleries because as Ericka says: “Who says fashion only inspires fashion?”

And while there are literally about 200 photos because taking pictures in museums and galleries is quite the obsession, I’ll show you a snapshot to give you a feel.

Next stop is the oh so revered Grove featuring a beautiful market. I’m sure all those from L.A. would agree.

Day 3:

We travel to Santa Monica for the third day and yes, finally, there’s a selfie. Yes Lola Babes, David and Ericka love you guys so much, they attempted Instagram stories (that did make it up - sorry kids it was only up for 24 hours)

“Let’s turn that ‘I’ into a ‘we’”

The team snapped some streetstyle photos towards the end of the third day. And oh my lanta (Full House reference right there), those cheetah print pants are everything when you mix it with the vibrant pink.

Day 4:

We venture into Downtown LA to meet with the Lola Jeans Sales Representative. We do indeed have a Showroom! (that’s an insider tip for you L.A. women).

We momentarily say goodby to L.A. because the team prepares to fly to China to kickstart the design process of the SS20 collection! Don’t worry the new collections will be out faster than you know it, plus, you just got the VIP look of it - Think ‘welcome to L.A.’ - An unreleased T. Swift song.


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