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You know how we walk around in the new year, preaching about how we’re going to become a new, better version of ourselves by making unrealistic goals, when really, nothing actually changes? I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but it seems to be a bit nonsensical to put so much stress on this one date, the daunting January 1st. I mean really, we are trying to work on ourselves by annually rebooting a lifelong project. But it feels more like a due-date than anything, and the pressure is just too much. I have explained in some of my personal posts, it's the smaller changes that will make a bigger impact on your life. So don't try to make huge alterations all at once, but rather, start implementing the necessary measures in your daily life by switching up your routines, and habits, and exercising self-love every day, and surely you’ll start seeing a difference.

A goal I’ve personally made, is to seek out clothing and brands that I know will not fail me. One change I’ve slowly been applying in the past several months, and I hope to continue making this change throughout the year, is switching up my jeans so I’m 110% comfortable, all the time. A difference I’ve found in my Lola Jeans is the care that is evidently put into making the ultimate fitting jean. As a curvy woman, I am well aware that we are all different shapes and sizes, and I personally have been a casualty in the ill-fitting jean game, so I do not take this conversation lightly! Another thing is: I know I am not alone! But let me tell you, Lola Jeans help a lady’s self-confidence by reassuring their clientele that there is, in fact, a jean out there for your body, no matter your size.As I’ve recently gone in depth about, Lola Jeans offer the ultimate 360 degree stretch, and measurements that really do fit every curvy, big, small, or in between body type, and this is so important!

So in the new year do one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, and enjoy, love, and most of all, embrace your body. Begin doing so by wearing clothing that expose this new self-love you’re rocking. Embrace your body and love it for every inch because you don’t have another one, you have this one, and this one needs love, needs strength, and needs your mind to acknowledge your appreciation of every bump, curve, and weight it carries.

With that being said, show your appreciation for your body by dressing in clothes that hug it just the right way, like Lola Jeans do. Take the time to learn your best measurements, and Lola Jeans will be there to support you every step of the way. These are the numbers that will allow you to express yourself and you’ll feel better in your skin once you embrace them. Despite how you initially feel about seeing these digits, whether on a scale, or on the measuring tape, they’ll show you where you’re at and allow you to accommodate your body, and grant you the opportunity to look and feel your best in your clothes, and in your skin.

Lola Jeans will embrace your curves, they will be your personal support system, and be the jeans that are just the right fit for you. So, make your resolution this year simple- wear your self-love, and exude confidence in a pair of jeans that make you feel sexy & fearless at all hours of the day.

Join me, and Lola Jeans, and we’ll show you exactly how to take the necessary measurements to fulfill your resolutions, in every sense of the meaning.

Wander the world with me.


Yours truly,

The Ever-Wandering TK

(Editor in Chief of TK Blog)

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