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Festival Season

Festival Season

Hey Lola babes,

Festival season is almost upon us and I know that most of us are scouring pinterest for some cute inspiration. Well, I’m going to make things super easy for you because I’ll be showing you how to style denim in all different sorts of ways.

I also just want to say, as an avid festival goer myself, when you break down an outfit, it’s often times super simple. What really catches your eye is that one focal piece of the outfit. So don’t fret, I got you queen.


So this is for the super early festivals, um Coachella anyone? Since its just around the corner and it’s not exactly summer yet, this could be a great option. It’s super simple. Some will stray away from this look because of all of the denim, but honestly you just need to do it right. When it comes to balancing denim, matching the wash is crucial. When going to a festival, the lighter the better. When deciding what the focal point will be decide if you want to go for a simple balanced denim look or go all crazy with denim that has prints or glitter. If not, your focal point of the outfit is going to be the top underneath. Go for a neon green bodysuit, a bralette that’s all decked out or even a cropped tee with something printed on it. The options are endless, the choice is up to you. 

A lot of the times, you’ll see people sporting the shortest, most uncomfortable looking shorts. And from experience, it’s not worth it henny (As Jonathan Van Ness says). Go for a relaxed fit, like the mom jean or the biker short. 

You can dress it up or dress it down, rip the jeans just under the bum and wear a cute denim scarf around your neck to accessorize. The jean shorts can be a statement on their own or you can go all out with crazy bralette or top, cropped or otherwise. If you want to be more boho chic add a thin white or even colorful cape or shawl. Have fun with this because once the ideas start flowing, the feeling is similar to a child’s excitement in a candy shop. 


So the cut, cropped and fitted jean jacket or oversized vintage style are your two go-to’s. You can pair these with any kind of skirt, long or short, pants or shorts. When it’s hot during the day, tie that baby around your waist. Take that jeans jacket off your hips when the night falls and it starts to get chilly. Opting for a neutral one-colored jacket is a great option because you can either colour coordinate or use it as your neutral piece and go crazy with your top and bottoms.

The choice is ultimately up to you, your closet is not the limit, the limit does not exist (I’m really hoping everyone gets this fantastic reference). Stay safe and happy festival-going babes!


 By Amanda Barnard