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Love Your Jeans Right: All About Denim Care

Love Your Jeans Right: All About Denim Care

Hi, we’re Lola Jeans.

We make jeans that fit body shapes of all sizes because we believe in inclusivity and inspiring one another. Don’t let the size of your jeans define, because we sure don’t! Try a pair of our jeans, “your bum will thank you.” 

We at Lola love our jeans, we personally think that we’re better together. The reality though, is that we all love our jeans a little differently. The same can be said about denim care. While others will wash regularly, others like to preserve their denim in all their glory by washing less frequently. There’s no right or wrong way to do this! We’re just here to give you the know-how to love your denim right!


The big question: When do I wash my denim?

It’s actually up to you! You can wash them before you wear, one month after or even six months after. For those who like to wash more frequently, let’s say every month, that’s totally okay too. At the end of the day, how you treat your denim will directly affect how quickly or well they age. The general rule of thumb is to wash less and wear more.


What to use when washing denim: 

When it comes to washing your denim avoid harsh detergents and fabric softeners. The reason? Fabric softeners can wear your jeans out a lot faster because they’ll over-soften your denim over time. You can even look out for special laundry detergent made for washing denim, they’re super cool, especially for denim lovers out there.


Just a little reminder! 

Sweat and grime can build up in the fibres of your denim and weaken them. This particularly happens in the crotch area and around the cuffs of your jeans. We recommend frequent washing, within reason, to keep everything from eventual deterioration.


There are different ways to wash your denim. We’re here to spill the tea (just not your jeans, of course), so washing your denim can be an easy process that fits the kind of life you lead.


The Tub Soak

-          Fill your tub or skin up with lukewarm water, adding in some detergent.

-          Stretch your jeans out and agitate the water so that the detergent can mix around properly.

-          Now, let your denim soak for 15-20 minutes!

-          Drain your tub or sink and squeeze any excess water out of your denim.

-          Make sure to smooth any wrinkles or creases in your jeans before you leave them to dry.



The Machine Wash

-          Turn your jeans inside out before starting the washer.

-          Set your washer to any kind of cold water setting. It is recommended that you use a setting with the least agitation possible.

-          Place your denim in the washing machine by itself.

-          Add detergent and let the washer fill up.

-          Pull your jeans out when the washing cycle is finished and smooth them out before hanging them to dry. If you really want to preserve the shape of your jeans here’s a tip: Take your denim out before the spin cycle!

-          Let your denim hand dry. Though if you’re short for time or comfortable doing this, throw it into the dryer. Just make sure to put the settings to tumble dry, no heat.

. . .

These tips and tricks are an easy how-to guide to taking care of your denim and making sure they live a long life. Remember, Lola jeans are better with you! Make sure to love your jeans right after purchasing your favourite pair!


By Amanda Barnard

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