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Meet my new friend...

Meet my new friend...

Well guys I need to tell you about my new friend Camille. Camille is so awesome she is such a great fit for a friend, I met her through my friend Lola. She likes all the same things as me. She is a body positive loving your curves type of gal. Well Camille is my favourite pair of jeans. I know you might think I am a little off by saying a pair of jeans are a good friend but let me tell you why...

Everything we look for in a friend is the same we look for in our clothes. Loyalty, trust, quality, and most of all beauty, inside and out. So Camille demonstrates just that, Camille shows all the qualities of a great friend. She fits my every curve with her 360 degree stretch, ladies let me tell you I have some good curves to cover and Camile’s got my back. Camille style jeans slide on easily, and make you feel so sexy as she hugs your waist, with her mid-rise waist that sits on your hips perfectly, down to thighs and calves. She comes in the ankle length, which is a great length for all heights. I actually love the ankle length especially in the summer. I always trust Camille will be there for me, she can dress up for every occasion and stand out as the belle of the ball, as you can see with the black sequins jeans. Sequin doesn’t always stretch well with my curves, but let me tell you I shine through every party with these black beauties. But also I can hang out in a simple tee and sneakers (which as you all know is one of my favourite looks) with her light blue distressed look. Her midnight Blue look really gets you ready for night out on the town with the girls. The midnight blue can be dressed up for a drink with your best friends, or dressed casual for the girl next door look, we all like to have. Her beauty shines from within with the daily reminder to “Embrace your curves” that has been instilled in her from our great friend Lola Jeans.

There is no question the quality of friendship Camille and I share together. It’s nice to know that you can depend on a pair of jeans like you can friend, I know because jeans were one of the worst things to shop for, for my shape and my curves I usually can never fit. But when Lola introduced me to Camille we immediately hit it off what an awesome feeling!

We should always surround ourselves with people, and positive messages. No matter how big or small the impact a simple reminder to love yourself sometimes is all you need. I know when I wear my Lola Jeans, Camille, I feel like my best in every occasion. That is really the best feeling you can ever give yourself, but the fact that someone else has mastered how to make other woman feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin is empowering all on its own. So I stand by Lola Jeans and can’t wait to befriend so many more pairs of jeans.

Remember find the style you love, find what represents you from the inside out, and not what society tells you is good for you. Just be yourself, and everything else you choose will represent you best. Believe in your curves!

Join me for some more product information in more posts coming soon.

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