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Real Women Talk: Why They Wear Denim and Why It Makes Them Feel Confident

Real Women Talk: Why They Wear Denim and Why It Makes Them Feel Confident

Hey Lola babes,

I want to talk about women empowerment today and the path towards acceptance. There hasn’t been a more important time as right now to discuss gender equality. With all the societal and cultural standards that we sometimes feel pressured by or even may subconsciously follow, being comfortable in your own skin is so important.   

In relating this to Lola Jeans, we love all shapes and sizes and even make sure you feel confident in the jeans that you are wearing. So rather than giving my own opinion on the matter of acceptance, let’s hear it from other women who love the way denim makes them feel.

The real question is: Why do we wear denim?

Is it because it’s in style? Is it comfortable? Does it make you feel like a rockstar - I sure know that I feel like a badass every time I wear my distressed and washed out vintage denim jacket with my Doc Martin’s in tow.

But to put it simply: Denim carries this unique persona wherever we take it because yes denim makes us women feel confident at the end of the day. 

Naturally, I took to the Internet and used it’s almighty power to connect with others to my advantage, and asked my followers why they wear denim and if it made them feel confident. Honestly, not too many people answer those pop-up Instagram story questions anymore but I was surprised and heartfelt upon receiving so many responses. \

It was one of those moments of purpose for me and these women because I can now share their messages abroad -  via the power of the Internet ;)


.  . .


Val says that she wears denim because “it’s comfortable, and so easy to style. It makes me feel confident!” 

Given that it’s so easy to dress denim up or down I can definitely give this a ‘hell yeah’ as are many of you reading this right now. 

Picture This: You feel sloppy and exhausted. It’s Saturday and you have to leave the house to do errands, or pick up your Nastygal package because FedEx decided you weren’t home when they came around, even though the FedEx guy knew damn well you were. You really want to trudge out of your apartment with your hair up in a messy bun accompanied with some baggy sweats and the shirt you went to bed in, because ‘whatever,’ right? 

But it’s totally easy to slip on a pair of comfy jeans and keep that same top on and you’ll walk out of that apartment feeling way better than you would have if you went with option one. 

Following Val’s previous statement, she also says that “it shows that beauty can coincide with comfort, and denim offers that.” 

Can I get another ‘hell yeah’?

I think my favourite answer that really pulls all of this together was from a woman named Hannah. She exclaimed as vividly as one can get through text: “It just makes me feel like I’ve got my sh*t together!!” 

Hannah, I feel this. I think that I say this for pretty much all of us when I say “Yes. We stan woman.” 

Now that you’ve heard from other women, I would love to hear from you! Why do you feel confident in denim? Let’s stand tall, empower each other and give everyone the voice they deserve. 

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