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Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Lola’s creative vision. We know there is

still a lot to learn and for us to accomplish, but we had to start somewhere.

We are building an ethical supply chain that creates high-quality,

low-impact, long-lasting affordable denim.

We have started at the source and aim to be as transparent as possible.

From the raw materials to innovative washing techniques to the finished product-

we have managed to cut our water consumption by 80% in the first year.


Our signature stretch denim now contains 80% recycled cotton, made from

post-consumer waste and denim floor scraps. 18% Tencel TM, made from cotton scraps

and a mixture of wood pulp, using REFIBRA™ technology which

focuses on upcycling materials.

Additionally, our Sustainable Denim fabric is Global Denim® produced. Ensuring quality

control that meets environmental standards—eco-responsible and low carbon footprint

for a circular economy in textiles.


Our production facilities in Mexico employ Ozone & Nebulization Technology, which,

when combined, is an innovative washing technique that has cut our water consumption

by 80% and the remaining 20% is entirely re-usable.

Ozone is a powerful bleaching agent that is created from oxygen.

Ozone works quickly and requires fewer rinses compared to other bleaching methods.

Ozone is used at the beginning of the process to de-size the fabric and remove any

starch and resin that is put into the yarn before being weaved. It is also used at the end

to clean the jeans and remove any remaining color residue. At the conclusion

of the Ozone process, any remaining ozone is converted back into oxygen and released

back into the atmosphere.

Nebulization is used to create an array of different wash variations. The process of neb-

ulization is done with minimal water, chemicals, and does not rely on traditional stone

washing. Traditional stone washing processes consist of pumice(stone) break down,

creating a sludge that makes the water unrecyclable.

By opting out of old school methods and investing in new technologies, we can proudly

say that our Sustainable Denim line wastes no water. For the little water we do use, it is

filtered and reused in everyday laundry and toilets.

In short, we are using air and not water.

We know, cool right?

Laser Finishing - this technology is used to give that authentic finishing effect we all

love and crave from our vintage denim. From unique hand sands to worn out

whiskers and effortless ripple effects.

The process allows the designer’s sketch to be transferred directly onto the jean using a

laser. Cutting the manual process that uses toxic chemicals like bleach and potassium

permanganate—ensuring reduced environmental impact and worker safety.