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The History of The Canadian Tuxedo

The History of The Canadian Tuxedo

canadian tuxedo
[kuh-ney-dee-uh n] [tuhk-see-doh]
adjective noun
1. An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and denim jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.

Ever wonder how the Canadian Tuxedo came to be? Well this is your lucky day, today is the day I tell you how it allegedly came to be.

This is all started back in 1951, allegedly, when no other than Bing Crosby was entering a Canadian Hotel. For those of you who don't know who Bing Crosby is, he was a famous American singer and actor. He is probably most known for his rendition of the song "White Christmas". Any ways, back then Bing Crosby was apparently wearing a lot of denim on denim before it was trendy and likely considered tacky. Well his denim on denim look got him into some slight trouble one night while walking into that Canadian Hotel I mentioned earlier. As he was trying to enter the hotel, the hotel nearly refused him entry due to his attire as it was not considered appropriate dress attire for the establishment. However, upon recognizing who he in fact was, was then permitted to enter the Hotel in full denim.

No other than Levi's Jeans got wind of this and decided to get creative. They went ahead and made him a custom denim tuxedo jacket with all the trimmings, essentially creating a loophole for dress code requirements that some places do have. They also stitched a notice to hotel men everywhere on the inside of the jacket. With a proper evening jacket, even if made out of denim, Bing Crosby was free to wear his denim on denim any day and at any place without being turned away. He also wore that jacket on the red carpet a few times.

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