Responsibility serves as the guiding principle behind our
business. We pledge to uphold sustainable practices and craft
products that align with ethical standards.




Authentic responsibility
means more than just
words; it involves
ensuring fair treatment
for all involved, from
laborers to animals.

These values are fundamental
to our ethos. Our commitment to
responsible practices is evident
in the meticulous creation of
each of our garments. Whether
it's our jeans or denim jackets.
We go the extra mile to source
materials ethically and employ
innovative, eco-conscious
manufacturing techniques.

We exclusively collaborate with
partners who share our firm
dedication to responsibility,
forming the backbone of our
ability to deliver high-quality
denim products.We firmly
believe that our dedication to
transparency and responsibility
defines us as a brand committed
to making a positive impact.


In-Person Visits
We visit our factories bi-annually to personally engage and collaborate with the artisans crafting our jeans.
Honest Wages & Transportation
Our manufacturing partner support a fair wage. Legal wages and the overtimes are paid correctly in accordance with the Turkish labor law. This can be verified in their BSCI and Sedex audit reports. In addition, all employees are provided with meals and transportation.
Additional Sustainable Practices
- We repurpose cutting waste into new materials through recycling.
- Our jeans are packaged in recycled plastic bags for shipping.
- We offset the carbon footprint of every garment we produce.
Code of Conduct
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Utilizing three distinct technologies designed to replicate traditional denim washing methods without adverse effects, we ensure responsible production from start to finish. In our relentless pursuit to offer the most ethically crafted jeans on the market, our line has achieved a remarkable 80% reduction in water usage compared to conventionally washed denim.

Ozone Wash
We utilize Jeanologia's ozone machines for bleaching without traditional bleach. This ozone wash is a triplemolecule Oxygen (O3).

e-Flow technology is based on nanobubbles of air that act as a carrier to transmit chemicals into a garment with a minimal quantity of water and zero discharge.

For our finishing process, we employ Jeanologia laser machines, offering energy-efficient operations and ensuring safer conditions for workers' health.




Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software provides transparent metrics, assessing water and energy needs, chemical impact, and worker conditions. We provide an EIM score for every sustainability-washed garment. The average EIM score for our products is 27.




Our Fibers

The bulk of our production relies on organic cotton, certified by the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS).
This global guideline ensures the widespread use of recycled materials through third-party verification and traceability in the supply chain.


-  Establish consistent definitions of recycled materials across various applications.
-  To minimize production waste, all surplus denim floor scraps (leftover after cutting) are sent to recycling facilities for reclamation and reuse.
-  Provide consumers (brands and end consumers) with a decision-making tool for informed choices.
-  Ensure the genuine presence of recycled materials in the final product.

Our Dyes

Introducing naturally dyed colored denim for SS24. Our chemical-free dyes are sustainably sourced from plants and fruits, offering antifungal and antibacterial properties while providing UV protection.

Giving Back

Jeans for Trees

We continuously seek ways to offset our carbon footprint and combat climate
change. Partnering with ecodrive, we ensure a tree is planted with every purchase from Lola Jeans, turning your online shopping into an eco-friendly act.

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