The History of The Canadian Tuxedo

canadian tuxedo
[kuh-ney-dee-uh n] [tuhk-see-doh]
adjective noun
1. An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and denim jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.

Ever wonder how the Canadian Tuxedo came to be? Well this is your lucky day, today is the day I tell you how it allegedly came to be.

This is all started back in 1951, allegedly, when no other than Bing Crosby was entering a Canadian Hotel. For those of you who don't know who Bing Crosby is, he was a famous American singer and actor. He is probably most known for his rendition of the song "White Christmas". Any ways, back then Bing Crosby was apparently wearing a lot of denim on denim before it was trendy and likely considered tacky. Well his denim on denim look got him into some slight trouble one night while walking into that Canadian Hotel I mentioned earlier. As he was trying to enter the hotel, the hotel nearly refused him entry due to his attire as it was not considered appropriate dress attire for the establishment. However, upon recognizing who he in fact was, was then permitted to enter the Hotel in full denim.

No other than Levi's Jeans got wind of this and decided to get creative. They went ahead and made him a custom denim tuxedo jacket with all the trimmings, essentially creating a loophole for dress code requirements that some places do have. They also stitched a notice to hotel men everywhere on the inside of the jacket. With a proper evening jacket, even if made out of denim, Bing Crosby was free to wear his denim on denim any day and at any place without being turned away. He also wore that jacket on the red carpet a few times.


Lola Jeans + City Chic Living + Bluff City Lights

Alexandra Nicole from City Chic Living and the Bluff City Lights ladies recently did a stylish photo shoot featuring Lola Jeans. We couldn’t be happier with the result and we are thrilled with what they had to say about our slimming jeans. Not only that, but they are also giving a pair of Lola Jeans away to one lucky girl.

Check out some photos and blog link below!

How many pairs of jeans should a girl own?

Building a simple yet versatile wardrobe you love can be tough (a topic we'll save for another day), but in this wardrobe how many pairs of jeans does a woman need? I think a woman's lifestyle has an impact on that answer, is she allowed to wear denim to work? If not, then she is more likely to have more work appropriate dress pants in her closet than pairs of jeans for the weekend. It's widely said that the average woman does own seven pairs of jeans. Do you think this number is too high? Maybe too low? Just how many should a woman own? Well there isn't a right or wrong answer, but we can help you start a basic denim collection and help you decide if you want to grow it and how we think you should. 

Let's start with the basic denim collection. I'm not going to talk about any cut or style specifically as everyone has their own preference when it comes to what compliments their body best. I believe that the three basics everyone should have are a black, blue and light blue jean. These three washes leave the door wide open to a versatile, creative and colorful wardrobe.

If three pairs of denim isn't enough for you, you might want to consider upgrading to what I'm calling the "Almost Average Collection". To mix it up a little, simply add a distressed jean like our Julia or Camille DMB, and a fun colored jean to really mix things up.

Still not enough for you? Well then maybe you fit the norm and want an average collection of seven pairs of jeans. After your three basic colors, distressed jeans and a colored one. I recommend adding a unique printed jean to your wardrobe like our Blossom print and a dark wash like our Medium Blue or Over Dye Blue.

More? Well someone certainly has an appetite for denim. Who can blame you though, denim is just so comfy. At this point you might want to consider adding an acid or bleach wash to the mix, I'm personally obsessed with the Rachel BLC right now. After that, I say it's time to add a little sparkle and get yourself a pair of embellished denim. I'd recommend an awesome pair of embellished jeans, but I can't just yet. 😉 

Still not enough? Atta girl. You're truly a woman after our hearts. This is where things get more exciting and unique. Go ahead and grab a pair of patchwork denim like our Sienna or Elisa WBL. Be bold enough to pull off some metallic denim too. Experiment and have fun with that fabulous jean collection of yours. 


Not your grandmother's high-rise jeans

I know that some of you might still cringe at the thought of high waisted jeans. Maybe even have flashbacks to those horrendous "mom jeans" from the 90's or make you think of the kind of jeans or pants that your grandmother wears. Well I'm here to set the record straight. High rise jeans are awesome!

Here's why.... High rise jeans help accentuate that hour glass shape. Hello curves! They also eleminate that dreaded muffin top since they don't cut you at the hip, the rise is meant to hit your natural waist. Since they come up to your natural waist, you'll never have to worry about underwear slipping out or accidentally flashing the top of your bum. Just say no to the plumber look. It also helps flatten your stomach too and they are easy to style as long as you follow some basic styling tips.

Wear them with a shirt tucked it, why hide the jean and that hour glass shape you just revealed. Beware when pairing with an over billowy blouse. When paired with a skinny or ankle style like our Alexa or Arianna, you could end up looking like a lollipop. Keep that body looking proportional. Style with a crop top as long as it's not too revealing. Because your jeans are coming up to your waist, that crop top will either come down to meet your jean or come very close. Either way, the amount of skin showing will be minimal. Crop tops in our opinion were made to be paired with high-waisted pants. Pair your jeans with a long jacket and avoid short, bulky jackets as it can make your upper half look short and boxy. Always wear your correct jean size. Wearing a high waisted jean that is too small could leave to an unfortunate camel toe situation and too big will give you the dreaded mom or grandma jean look; a butt that looks big, saggy and flat. Oh heck no. Make sure the hem is at the correct length. On a straight cut, like our Rebeccah & Kate, or a flared high-waist jean, you want the hem just at the top of the toes for an elongating look. On skinny high-waist jeans, you want the hem just at the ankles. Any shorter and they will start to look off. Too long will cause them to bunch and pool at your feet making you look much shorter, which no one wants. Most importantly, wear them at your natural waist so the jeans fall in all the right places and hug all the right curves as they were designed to.

A Trip To China

Creating the next seasons trends takes a lot of work and it all starts early. The team at Lola likes to get together every now and then to discuss the upcoming trends we've all been keeping an eye on. In these top secret meetings we talk about the latest and upcoming trends from; colors, prints, washes, styles and any other detailing (trust me, there's a lot). With all these fashion elements you can imagine just how many different items or combinations we can come up with. Unfortunately we can only select to make so many, the hard part is deciding which ones. Everyone always has an opinion that they are not afraid to express. Sometimes the decisions are unanimous, other times after heavy debate it gets put to a majority vote.

Once the details are finally narrowed down, the bros pack their bags and make the long journey to China. With their notes from the meeting they set out on a hunt to find the fabrics and detailing of our denim dreams. This time they were out there hunting and gathering for the Lola Jeans Spring 2018 Collection. That's right, while you are happily eyeing and filling your shopping carts with items from our Spring 2017 Collection, we are still hard at work on next spring's collection.

I'm saddened to say that I can't comment on the collection yet, but I'll see if I can slip you some sneak peaks in the weeks to come. So keep checking our blog and social media for any Spring 2018 teasers. However, I can share with you some pictures that David and Sam took on their adventure. We hope you enjoy some of the sights from the bros trip to China.


How To Find The Best Jeans For Your Body

Shopping for jeans isn't always easy. With all the cuts and styles it can be overwhelming to find one that compliments your body from head to toe the best. That's why we are happy to share this article that helps break it down for you as a starting off point. No matter what your choice is, at the end of the day your jeans should make you feel confident and beautiful.


Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery

Since 2000, every year Pantone releases a color of the year. It is usually publicly revealed in December, right before the new year. However if you want the early scoop, it'll cost a pretty penny as it is only published in Pantone's own "Pantone View". Most creative and trendsetting consumer oriented companies will purchase the guide to inspire designs and create future products. In order to choose the color a secret meeting is held every year where various color standards groups meet to present and debate different options. After two days, a color is chosen.

 To learn more about this years Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, visit their website:


International Women's Day

This week at Lola Jeans, we celebrated International Womens Day. As a company that stands to empower women through fashion, it's a natural fit for us to support the cause. Equal rights for all women is something we will always believe in. Here is a small glimpse behind the scenes of that day and it's result. 

How To Cuff Your Jeans

Sometimes it's the subtle details that help polish off a look. For that reason, today we are going to take a look at different ways to cuff your jeans. We found a great step by step guide to show you how to do it right for skinny, super skinny, ankle and boyfriend jeans.

Trend Alert - Denim Footwear

These platform sandals are for the true denim fan. What a fun, creative and fashion forward use of our favorite material.

We hope to see more denim creativity in the future!

Platform Denim Sandals