We live in and love our jeans, but denim is a dirty business. A pair of jeans contaminates the same amount of water as one person drinks in 13 years, approximately 8000 liters. So, how do we break the cycle and begin to repair the damage done? Providing a one-time gimmick like an “eco jean” or a one-off capsule collection wasn’t good enough. We wanted to pursue sustainability in a sustainable way. 

Sustainable Denim Options, Made in Mexico


Our signature stretch denim contains 80% recycled cotton, made from post-consumer waste and denim floor scraps.

The Tencel TM Lyocell fibers that make up 18% of our jeans are derived from sustainable wood sources and sustainably managed forests. Our wood and pulp is harvested from certified controlled sources, are bio-degradable and compostable under industrial home, soil, and marine conditions, thus making them able to fully revert to nature. 

Other key benefits of TENCEL™ include it’s enhanced breathability, naturally soft feel and comfort for sensitive skin, minimal static charge, increased color vibrancy and color retention and thermal regulation/moisture management.

And lastly, 2% Lycra for that perfect stretch.

tencel spinning


Our sustainable denim is Global Denim produced. Ensuring quality control that meets environmental standards eco-responsible and low carbon footprint for a circular economy in textiles that you can be proud to support.

Denim that Makes a Difference, Sustainably Made


A powerful bleaching agent that is created from oxygen, works quickly and requires fewer rinses compared to other bleaching methods. The technology is used at the start of the production process to de-size the fabric and remove any residue before being weaved. We also use it to give our jeans one last wash before they head out to you. Any remaining ozone is converted into oxygen and released back into the atmosphere.

Ozone Technology in the Fashion Industry


Nebulization is used to create an array of different wash variations that you see in our collections. The process of nebulization is done with minimal water, chemicals, and does not rely on traditional stone washing. Traditional stone washing processes consist of pumice(stone) break down, creating a sludge that makes the water unrecyclable.

Nebulization for Sustainable Denim


By opting out of old school methods and investing in new technology, we can proudly say that our sustainable denim line wastes no water. For the little water we do use, it is filtered and reused in everyday laundry and toilets.

Sustainable Denim for Women, Eco-Friendly, Reducing Water Waste


A technology used to give that authentic finishing effect we all love and crave from our new and vintage denim alike. This includes unique hand sands to worn out whiskers and effortless ripple effects. The process allows our designer’s sketch to be transferred directly onto the jean using a laser. Cutting the manual process that uses toxic chemicals like bleach and potassium permanganate—ensuring reduced environmental impact and worker safety.

Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Manufacture Denim


Our mailing bags are now made with 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer content. In fact, you can now use them for any returns, peeling off the 2nd sticker to re-seal the package and send the goods back to us.


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