Vada Winter x Lola Jeans

We are grateful for all of our wholesale partners here at Lola Jeans. Meet Vada Winter, a boutique near Chicago that carries Lola Jeans in their store.

Tell us about your store. Where are you located? What kind of shopping experience do you curate for your customers?

Vada Winter is located in Blue Island, Il - less than a half hour from downtown Chicago. Our first storefront will actually open this year on November 4th. Vada Winter opened in 2018 as an online women's clothing boutique that was run out of the basement of our founder, Amber. Since first opening we've grown a ton and are now run out of both our headquarters and warehouse located in Blue Island. Amber, has, also gotten into designing and we launch close to 50 Vada Winter exclusives a year that fit sizes xs to 4xl. When Amber began Vada Winter she wanted to create a place where women could come together, be reminded that confidence is a choice and discover that inner beauty is what makes us shine, and the clothes we make and love just enhance that. Almost five years later, Amber is continually crushing that goal with close to 7k members in our Facebook group of like-minded women, The Band of Sunflowers.

How did you first learn about Lola Jeans?

Amber found Lola Jeans while attending Magic Fashion Events in Las Vegas in 2021. We hadn't carried denim in a while and knew there was a need for it based on feedback from our customers. 

How long have you been carrying the product and working with the team at Lola Jeans?

We received our first styles of Lola Jeans in 2022 and have been carrying them since. 

What are some of your best-selling Lola styles? What stands out to you the most about Lola Jeans?

We love, love, love the Stevies and the Denvers! What stands out to us the most about Lola Jeans is that the denim is just stretchy and comfortable while still being organic. We, also, love the interesting and unique seams, colors, and details on every style. But most of all, we absolutely love the experience we have had so far working with the team at Lola Jeans!!!

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