What's in Your Lola?

As important as it is to be aware of what is going on in our bodies, it is similarly essential to understand how the things that we wear and use impact our own health and the world around us. That is why at Lola Jeans we take careful consideration when choosing fabrics and dyes to ensure your skin is able to breathe and that our products are free of harsh chemicals and dyes. We don’t want to wear that. We don’t want to source that and we sure don’t want to sell anything like that to you. We are committed to producing high-quality styles that are safe for the environment and safe for you. Wondering what’s in our jeans? Here is what you can expect. 

Sustainable Denim Fabric

The Fabric: In an attempt to use what already exists, our signature stretch denim is made up of 80% recycled cotton that is sourced from post-consumer waste and denim floor scraps. The other 20% is made up of fibers that are derived from sustainable wood sources from responsibly managed forests. The wood and pulp harvested are both biodegradable and compostable, thus allowing them to fully revert back to nature. We don’t recommend planting your denim, as much as we would recommend wearing them, but we are committed to using the most natural resources available. The last ingredient that goes into our denim recipe is a bit of Lycra to give you a comfortable stretch. 

Nebulization for Sustainable Denim

The Dye: We offer our denim in a variety of washes and colors, without using harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. That is why we pursued the process of Nebulization, which is used to create a variety of different washes. The process uses minimal chemicals and water and does not use the traditional stone washing process which would then allow the water to be unrecyclable. Instead, we can reuse the water by filtering it and using it in our laundry and toilets. We also use Ozone technology to bleach our jeans, resulting in fewer rinses compared to other methods used. It’s a process that allows us to clean the denim in the most responsible way possible. 

Sustainably Made Denim

The Details: Our denim isn’t finished there. We have to add our signature touches and details to offer you a unique, responsibly created piece of clothing. Our laser finishing gives the denim the authentic look we love by transferring directly our designers sketches onto the fabric. This process allows us to forgo using chemicals and bleach that would otherwise harm the environment and end up sitting on your skin. 

When you buy a pair of denim from us we partner with ecodrive and plant a tree, making your purchase a gift to the earth. Sustainability to us is looking at the ways denim has been traditionally made, and finding new creative ways to give it that same feeling and look without harming ourselves or the environment. We are proud of our designs, and can’t wait to share them with you. Click here to shop our latest sustainable styles

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