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 “A good pair of jean blends fashion and function and captures a chapter of our lives in a way that not many pieces of clothing can. Finding that perfect pair of jean can be an arduous journey⁠—from fit and cut to length, there are many boxes to be checked. But once the Goldilocks has been found, there is no going back. It will stay with you for many years, seasons, and stains. In 2004, I set up shop on top of my dad’s jeans store in Montreal and set out to create them myself. In 2006, my brother Sam and I joined forces, and Lola Jeans was born.” David Abissidan 
For a while, our process was simple: cotton gets woven into denim and that denim is crafted into someone’s favorite pair of jeans.
But what if you’re a hardcore denim lover and a hardcore sustainability advocate? 
We live in and love our jeans, but denim is a dirty business. A pair of jeans uses the same amount of water that one person drinks in 13 years, approximately 8000 liters. And it also contaminates it! So, how do we break this cycle and begin to repair the damage done? Providing a one-time gimmick like an “eco jean” or a one-off capsule collection wasn’t good enough — we wanted to pursue sustainability in a sustainable way.
Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Lola Jeans creative vision. Our production facility in Mexico operates a state-of-the-art water filtration system and uses ozone & nebulization technology. The water filtration system recycles the wastewater produced from our factory and the
ozone & nebulization technology reduces our water consumption by 80%. 
Our Sustainable Denim fabrics are Global Denim® certified. We use eco-friendly fibers that meet the highest environmental standards.
Our Sustainable Denim fabrics incorporate recycled cotton and Tencel® - a low-impact and biodegradable cellulose fiber. 
We are combining ethics and quality together to revolt against the trends of fast fashion and irresponsible production. We are devoted to producing the highest quality denim with minimal environmental impact. From the finest raw materials, to the innovative water filtration system, to the ozone & nebulization technology,
the denim we create is a testament of a higher standard you can expect from Lola Jeans.
As we grow, we continue to focus on progress and champion sustainability one step at a time. It is both challenging and exciting to search for ways to constantly improve. As we know more, we do better. Lola Jeans, denim that’s good for you, the planet, and your wallet.




David Abissidan was born on September 1st, 1978 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


David starts working part time at his Dad's jeans store, Prestige Jeans. He is taught the trade but most importantly, he is taught the ethics of business and the strong values which will serve him well in his career.


After a tumultuous journey in high school, David drops out of school and starts working full time at his Dad's jeans store, Prestige Jeans.


David finds passion in fashion and decides to pursue his studies in fashion marketing at LaSalle College, he graduates with honors.


Fresh out of fashion school and with barely any manufacturing know-how, David sets up shop in a small apartment on top of his dad’s store and starts crafting women’s jeans. He didn’t know exactly what his creations would look like, but he had a good idea of what he hoped to create, a perfect pair of jeans for women of all shapes and sizes.


David’s brother Sam joins forces and Lola Jeans is born. The same year they teamed up, they open a 4000-square foot office and warehouse in the heart of Montreal’s fashion district.


As a reaction to what wasn’t being offered, the bros set up to create Lola’s Signature Pull On Jean. The design behind the Pull On Jean is intended to encourage the acceptance and celebration of a woman’s body, as it is. This fit became the core of who we are today, setting the standards by which our customers have come to expect from us.


Lola Jeans moves in an 8000-square foot office and warehouse in the heart of Montreal’s fashion district. With grand aspirations, Lola Jeans expands to the USA that same year..


Lola Jeans is now available in Canada and the USA through a wide network of updated missy contemporary boutiques and online stores.


Lola Jeans launches an online store.


Lola Jeans moves their office and warehouse in a state-of-the-art facility. This new environment blends elegance and comfort while reflecting the brand's DNA. With grand aspirations, Lola Jeans expands to Australia and New Zealand.


Lola Jeans revamps their online store. The new platform includes the latest ecommerce features and offers complimentary hem service and free shipping and return.


Lola Jeans is greatly impaced by Covid-19, and to stay afloat, we made incredibly hard decisions. Decisions we never thought we would have to consider, let alone take. We choose to look at the current situation as an opportunity to press reset and reinvent ourselves. Reassessing and reorganizing during this challenging period will prepare us for when business bounces back. Hopefully, we can all take this opportunity to evolve and come out of this wiser and more human than we went into it.